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Floral Packages

We are pleased to offer the following Floral Packages for your intimate celebration.  Your florals will feature the very best the season has to offer in American and locally grown flowers!

What types of flowers will be included in my package?  You will have the option of choosing from one of the following color schemes:  Creamy and Pastel, Whites and Greens, or Bright Jewels.  Flowers include, but are not limited to, zinnias, sunflowers, celosias, rudbeckias, sage, basil, hyacinth bean, berries, honeysuckle and more found growing in our field and that of local Farmer Friends.  Kindly note that we are a seasonal florist focused on American and locally grown blooms. Here is a helpful list of flowers available per season. 

2024/2025 Packages Available

Elopement Package 



•1 Moyenne (m) Bridal Bouquet

• 1 Boutonniere


Posey Package

 $ 3,275.00


•1 Moyenne (m) Bridal Bouquet

•3 Bridesmaid Posies


•4 Boutonnieres 


• 1 Medium Ceremony       Arrangement


• 4 Moyenne (m) Table Centerpieces

Courtyard Package $4,125.00


•  1 Moyenne (m) Bridal Bouquet

• 3 Bridesmaid Posies


• 4 Boutonnieres


• 2 Ceremony Pedestal Arrangements


• 6 Moyenne (m) Table Centerpieces

Garden Package


•1 Moyenne (m) Bridal Bouquet

•3 Bridesmaid Posies


• 4 Boutonnieres


• 1 Asymmetrical Arch


• 8 Moyenne (m) Table Centerpieces

What is included in your package?  In addition to the floral items, your floral package includes delivery and pickup in Houston, TX to one location for the ceremony and the reception.  (If your reception is at two different locations, kindly let us know the second location.  If the two locations are more than five miles from each other, an additional delivery fee ($50 to $175) will be added to your total.) Vases are glass and you may keep them.  If you would like to return them to us, we would greatly appreciate it as we do reuse all our vases. 

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